Privacy Policy

This Data Protection policy exists in accordance  with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR regulation). It is in force so that all parents/guardians of the students at The Academy Dance Studio are fully aware of how their information is handled, stored and used. Principal Samantha Riley is the designated Data Protection Officer for The Academy Dance Studio. All questions/concerns regarding this policy should be put in writing to Samantha Riley.

What information do I need, and why do I need it?

1.  For the safety of all students who attend The Academy, I am required to obtain certain types of information from all caregivers in relation to their child.  All information obtained is for the protection of students in my care during lessons and for the relevant communication of important information to parents and guardians.

2.  Information which I may seek from you includes, but in some circumstances may not be limited to their name, date of birth, parents/guardians contact information, alternative contact information, education, home address and medical information.

This information is required so that I am able to:

• Know the age of my students so that they can be placed in the most suitable classes.

• Submit information to 3rd parties (please see below) for participation in examinations, competitions and shows.

• Contact parents/guardians regarding updates about classes and events at The Academy.

• Contact parents/guardians in the event of a class cancellation.

• Contact parents in the event of their child being unwell or injured whilst taking part in a class.

How do I store your information?

3. All information obtained is stored securely in electronic formats or any hard copies are in a locked cabinet in The Academy office. Please see below for more detail regarding how we store the information you provide us with:

• Our online registration form gathers information from caregivers regarding our students. The information that is submitted is then stored in a Google Account which is encrypted. All information can only be obtained by accessing a password protected account. Principal Samantha Riley is the only person who has access to this account.

• The information is then inputted into a spreadsheet which is password protected. Principal Samantha Riley is the only person with access to this spreadsheet.

• Names, email addresses and contact numbers are then stored in a Google account which is encrypted. Principal Samantha Riley is the only person who has access to this account.

• All files and sites mentioned above are accessed from devices which are encrypted.

4.  The  information obtained will only be used when necessary, whether this is communicating school information with parents/guardians, or in the case of an emergency.         

Who has access to the information?

5.  On a day to day basis, the information stored regarding students is accessible by Principal Samantha Riley only. On occasion, it may be necessary for me to disclose student information to a 3rd party.

Please see below for more information:

• The Academy holds annual shows. It is necessary for me to obtain licenses and license exemptions from local councils for these shows to go ahead in order to comply with Child Work Enforcement regulations. I therefore am required to provide your council with your child’s name, date of birth, home address and the school that they attend.

• If your child enters IDTA dance examinations with us, I am required to provide the IDTA with your child’s name and date of birth.     

Your rights

6. Every parent/guardian has the right to know what information I store regarding their child. All information access requests should be sent in writing to Principal Samantha Riley.

7. Every parent/guardian has the right to withdraw their permission for me to hold information regarding their child at any time. Upon notification of this, all data will be erased immediately.

8. If at any time a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their consent, they will not suffer disadvantage as a result.

Destroying data

9. Data  regarding your child is kept on record for the entirety of their attendance at The Academy classes. Information will be kept on record for one year following your child leaving The Academy. All information will then be erased. Information is kept on record for one year after the student lapses so that we can use this information again should the child return to classes.