The Academy Dance Studio Enrolment Terms and Conditions

As a condition of enrolment, by attendance and signing the enrolment form, pupils and parents agree to the following terms and conditions.

  • We offer extremely competitive class prices  that range from just £3.50 to £5 per class. Discounts are available for specific lessons when your child attends several classes. Fees are due prior to the commencement of term and you are required to pay on the stated payment dates – arrears will be subject to a 10 % late payment fee and discounts may be withdrawn. This excludes our Mini-Stars class which can be paid on a ‘pay per class’ basis.

  • Fees are non-returnable, & will not be remitted for absence.
    One full terms notice in writing is required for cessation of attendance.

  • New students have a four-week settling in period during which students can decide exactly which classes they would like to join. For this settling in period, classes can be paid on a ‘pay per class’ basis by either cash or bank transfer. Once the initial four weeks are up, fees are due on a termly basis.

  • Students cannot be considered for exams or performances unless fees are fully paid up to date.

  • Entry into any exam session or competitive routines is at full discretion of the class teacher.

  • By its very nature, physical contact is an essential part of any interpretation of the Creative Arts. It is an important way of directing movement, correcting student’s posture and placement, providing comfort, encouragement and reassurance during classes and performances.  When and where physical contact is necessary, the teacher should at all times explain the reasons for the contact.

  • During the school term, shows or exams, there may be times when photographs are being taken and videos are being made. It is therefore necessary to obtain consent from all concerned.

  • It is essential that any changes on the enrolment /contact details are recorded immediately.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that The Academy is aware of all relevant medical conditions and that the student brings any relevant medications to class, e.g. inhalers, epi-pens etc. Please speak to the staff team if you have any concern.

  • The Academy uniform is available to order from our online store please follow the link on our website. Uniform must be worn in all classes. Footwear should be appropriate for the class that they are attending and hair should be tied up neatly. 

Personalised tops, hoodies, leggings and jumpers are available to order by visiting and finding our page.

  • Our uniform consists of a leotard, colour and style depending on the age group, which should be worn for Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Gymnastic and acrobatic classes. Black leggings/joggers and our dance studio t-shirt can be worn for Street classes and Act 1 Theatre Group.

  • New students are not expected to purchase uniform until they have completed their 4-week settling in period. During this time, they should wear clothes which are comfortable and safe to move in such as leggings, t-shirt etc.

  • It is expected that teachers, parents/guardians and students are all treated with respect. There will be zero tolerance regarding behaviour before, during and after class. The Academy aims to have a warm, welcoming and friendly environment and so anybody who disrupts this will be asked to leave.

  • Students are at all times, expected to respect the studio, teachers and fellow students.

  • Children must arrive and be collected on time. Late arrival can not only be disruptive to the class, but also mean that the student misses the warm up, deeming participation in some classes unsafe.  

  • The school cannot take responsibility for any personal belongings on the premises.

  • While the utmost care is taken to ensure the safety of students, a certain  amount of risk is carried with all physical activity. Students take part in classes at their own risk.